Nashville recording artist Julia Neville (R) takes a boot-scootin’ break to pose with fans at 2022’s Jamming for DSPs at Scene75 Columbus.

In September 2021, after the peak of COVID-19 in the U.S, and as part of our collective and hopeful expectation that the end of the pandemic was near, OADSP threw a party. Always efficient, even OADSP’s parties serve multiple purposes, and this one was no different: Jamming for DSPs was, and is, a gala, a celebration, a preview, and a thank-you.

It’s A Gala

Our goal with Jamming for DSPs is exactly in the middle of our catchy Educate Elevate Empower tagline: this party is next-level. In every way we can, from professional performers to hors d’oeuvres, we plan this event to exemplify the best of OADSP, the frontline pros we support, and the people and organizations that support us. It’s a VIP, red-carpet kind of party, where we can raise our fancy glasses*, while raising the profile of Direct Support Professionals.

It’s A Celebration

Most of the time, OADSP is running with a “micro-machine team and a monster truck agenda.” Jamming for DSPs is a fantastic opportunity to slow down for a few hours, step back, and show our appreciation for everyone who contributes to our accomplishments. It’s an evening that revs the machine for climbing to the next tiers of achievement.

It’s A Preview

Since adding Jamming for DSPs to our line-up, we’ve (successfully) made it our goal to throw this party and host the DSP Recognition Event at the same venue. This commonality adds a layer of delight to an already-appealing event, since the Executive Directors, CEOs, statewide stakeholders, leadership teams, et al., at Jamming for DSPs are enjoying the same place, atmosphere, and overall vibe that many of their colleagues and employees will enjoy at the Recognition Event! Experiencing it all firsthand brings home the importance of the support they’ve provided to OADSP – and not just for the Recognition Event, but for the Summit, Leadership LAUNCHpad, Beat the Winter Blues, the Ambassador program, and on, and on.

It’s A Thank-You

With Jamming for DSPs, OADSP recognizes the efforts of as many people and organizations possible – the efforts which help us educate, elevate, and empower DSPs. And is there a better way to say “thank you” than with a gala, a celebration, and a preview, shared with colleagues, allies, and – we hope – friends? We don’t think so –

– and we can’t wait to see you there!

* Jamming for DSPs is an adult party, and you must be 21+ years old to enter.

Below are just some of the dozens of memorable moments from 2023’s Jamming for DSPs, hosted at the Africa Event Center at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, July 28.

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