We are dedicated to equipping DSPs and Frontline Supervisors – and individuals with the potential to excel in those roles – with the knowledge, skills, and tools to deliver services and supports of the highest quality. As such, OADSP has developed a variety of educational offerings, including our flagship program, DSPaths. Much of our catalogue is available for both in-person settings and online through Professional Training Matters™, our Learning Management System (LMS). Please browse Educate‘s submenus to learn more about all of OADSP’s offerings. But, first –

What makes credentialing important?

By earning one of OADSP’s credentials, DSPs prove their mastery of and real-world facility with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals’ (NADSP) Competency Areas (originally developed in collaboration with the University of Minnesota) and Code of Ethics, and demonstrate forward-thinking, best practices, and a solid base of understanding for providing quality services to the individuals they support.

Credentialing advances the Direct Support Profession by both encouraging, developing, and recognizing professional achievement. Some of the most important purposes for credentialing programs include:

  • Meeting the needs of employers and the public by identifying individuals with certain knowledge and skills
  • Assuring the public and the population served that professionals have met standards of practice
  • Demonstrating an individual’s commitment to the profession and to lifelong learning
  • Providing an individual with a sense of pride and professional accomplishment

What are the benefits for DSPs?

In Ohio, OADSP’s DSPaths Modules count toward the competency-based add-on, “an amount added on to the regular rate of reimbursement available for certain services” performed by DSPs. The add-on requires 60 total hours of competency-based training and 2 years’ full-time experience or the equivalent. Each DSPaths Module is 3 hours: learners must successfully complete 20 Modules and pass each Module Quiz to satisfy the academic portion of the add-on requirements.

Additionally, in Ohio and everywhere else, credentialed DSPs are recognized and respected. An overwhelming majority of employers report a preference for hiring credentialed DSPs. These highly-trained professionals advance in the workplace as they distinguish themselves in their specialty areas. Credentialed DSPs have influence and input: they are eligible for involvement with OADSP’s DSP and Supervisor Councils, where they participate in the development and planning of OADSP’s annual Summit and DSP Recognition Event, as well as other programming. Additionally, there are opportunities to network and interact with other DSPs, Supervisors, and administrative and executive teams.

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