Certificate of Initial Proficiency

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The Certificate of Initial Proficiency (CIP) is a series of Modules that dives deeper into the skills and abilities required for success as a DSP. Furthermore, it focuses on developing learners’ individual confidence in that knowledge, in preparation for entering the DSP workforce. It is a direct follow-up to the Basic Certificate. CIP requires sixty (60) hours of instruction. Additionally, to complete CIP, learners are required to show competence in specific areas through the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals’ (NADSP) E-Badge Academy.

The CIP Modules are –

  • 100 – Introduction to DSPaths
  • 101 – Overview of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities*
  • 102 – History of Services to People with Disabilities*
  • 103 – Ethics on the Frontline*
  • 104 – Supporting Health and Safety*
  • 105 – Understanding and Utilizing Assessments
  • 106 – The Direct Support Professional as Teacher*
  • 107 – Utilizing Augmented Alternative Communication Systems
  • 108 – Interpersonal Communication
  • 109 – Individual Service Planning and Self-Determination*
  • 110 – Self Determination: Supporting Individuals in Achieving Their Dreams and Goals
  • 111 – Community Living Skills and Supports: Making It Happen
  • 112 – Facilitating and Supporting Community Inclusion
  • 113 – Providing Positive Behavioral Supports and Principles of Positive Intervention Culture*
  • 114 – Unusual Incidents, Major Unusual Incidents, and Incident Report Writing*
  • 115 – Fundamentals of Effective Documentation*
  • 116 – Providing Personal Care with Dignity*
  • 117 – Team Dynamics and Communication
  • 118 – The Profession of Direct Support in Disability Services
  • 119 – Supporting a Person to Identify and Achieve Vocational Goals

* These Modules are the entirety of the Basic Certificate.

Read descriptions of each CIP Module here.

Modules 100 through 119 can be taken through Professional Training Matters™ (PTM), OADSP’s online LMS, and discounted LMS bundles are available to Licensed Entities.

For more information about CIP, becoming a Licensed Entity (LE), and online access to this program, contact us. Interested in OADSP’s program for secondary-school-age students and adult learners outside of the I/DD field? Click here.

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