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OADSP’s Frontline Supervisor Credential (FLSC) enriches the knowledge, skills, and tools of the new or seasoned Frontline Supervisor. The FLSC program includes sixty (60) hours of training. This is divided into twenty (20) 3-hour Modules, each of which can be used as stand-alone trainings (and, in Ohio, as credit toward the competency-based add-on), and to earn the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals’ Frontline Supervisor Credential (NADSP FLS). The NADSP FLS requires twenty-five (25) hours of NADSP-accredited training.

Additionally, to complete the FLSC, learners are required to show competence in specific areas as documented by e-badging through NADSP. Learn more about that element of the credential here.

The FLSC Modules are –

  • 301 – Professionalism and Self-Development for Supervisors
  • 302 – Ethical Standards in the Workplace and Supporting DSPs in the Practical Application of NADSP’s Code of Ethics
  • 303 – Promoting a Safe and Healthy Environment for Individuals and Employees
  • 304 – Elements of a Support Plan That Promotes Health, Safety, and Wellness
  • 305 – Discovering and Developing Life-Enhancing Outcomes and Action Plans
  • 306 – Understanding the Person-Centered Planning Process
  • 307 – Supporting Active Community Engagement to Fulfill Dreams and Goals
  • 308 – Assisting with the Development of Support Networks
  • 309 – Enhancing Personal and Professional Relationships on the Team
  • 310 – Elements of Effective Team Communication and Optimal Team Dynamics
  • 311 – Oversight of Financial Activities
  • 312 – Advocacy and Public Relations
  • 313 – Best Practices in Recruitment and Selection
  • 314 – Development and Implementation of a Realistic Job Preview
  • 315 – Fair and Effective Progressive Discipline
  • 316 – Techniques for Addressing Difficult Employees
  • 317 – Cultural Competence and the Value of Diversity
  • 318 – Skills Required to Guide, Manage, and Monitor a Team
  • 319 – Best Practices in Conducting Effective Meetings
  • 320 – Leading Performance Evaluations – Goal Setting, Coaching, and Effective Performance Appraisals

Read descriptions of each FLSC Module here.

For more information about the Frontline Supervisor Credential, becoming a Licensed Entity (LE), and online access to this program, contact us.

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