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In Ohio, any and all providers of direct services and supports – Direct Support Professionals employed by provider agencies of any size, as well as Independent Providers – must complete initial and annual training requirements for specific topics prior to providing direct support. For Independent Providers, these requirements must be met before applying for provider certification. OADSP’s Initial Provider Certification (IPC) meets all of Ohio’s Department of Developmental Disabilities’ (DODD) initial training requirements, and our Annual Provider Certification (APC) meets all of the Department’s annual training requirements.

Both of these programs address conceptual and practical areas, from person-centered planning to Major Unusual Incidents, and include references to the most recent rules and guidelines, as well as how to stay up to date on the same.

Initial Provider Certification (IPC) Topics:

  • Overview of History and Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Individual Service Plans (ISPs)
  • Rights of Individuals Served
  • Requirements of Ohio Rule 5123:2-17-02, Incidents Adversely Affecting Health And Welfare, and Health and Welfare Alerts
  • Universal Precautions and Infection Control
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Precautions

Annual Provider Certification (APC) Topics:

  • Accessing Resources
  • Overview of Serving Individuals
  • Supporting the Whole Person
  • Bill of Rights and NADSP’s Code of Ethics
  • Health and Safety

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