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2023’s DSPRE at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, where DSPs got up close and personal with Oscar the tamandua.

OADSP’s annual Direct Support Professional Recognition Event (DSPRE) coincides with the federally- and state-supported National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week in mid-September each year. Hundreds of DSPs are invited to enjoy a day that includes fun, food, fellowship, and stimulating programming – at no cost!

“From the time I arrived, I felt welcome, and everything was so well organized. I felt like I was at a literal carnival! It felt good to be a kid again for a couple of hours.”

DSPRE happens with financial backing from OADSP’s ABC Boosters, and with volunteer support from County Boards of DD, provider agencies, and businesses with connections to the I/DD field. It is hoped that everyone who attends heads home with a renewed sense of inspiration, motivation, purpose, and belonging.

Some portions of DSPRE may be broadcast for those who can’t make the trip to the site – and locations have included DWELL Community Conference Center, COSI, and Scene75.

“I think it must be very difficult to develop a day of recognition with people from different agencies, from all over the state. I think you did a great job picking the venue, making people feel special, and having fun, too.”

No matter where DSPRE happens, elements of the day include inspiring keynote and other speakers, the official recognition ceremony, activities, networking, surprises, and lunch. Typically, we also have goodie bags ready for attendees, and tools available to help employers/providers recognize their valuable DSP staff back at their workplaces.

Answers to your frequently-asked questions –

Can I bring the individuals I support, or my family?
No. The Direct Support Professional Recognition Event is exactly that: it’s an event exclusively for Direct Support Professionals (and independent providers working as DSPs). This is a day just for DSPs, to relax, rejuvenate, and bask in recognition away from the day-to-day routine.

Can I show up any time that day, and stroll around the venue?
No. The Recognition Event is a planned event that begins and ends at certain times and includes presentations, activities, speakers, networking, etc. This all takes place at a specific location, which may or may not be open to the public while we’re there. Part of the day’s plan, of course, includes time to explore the location and its attractions, before we wrap up in our venue.

Is this event really “free?”
Yes! When we say, “there’s no cost for DSPs,” we mean it – there’s NO cost. Registration typically includes parking, lunch, special guests, entertainment, activities, etc. We will always let you know if there are costs associated with any other element of the day.

The registration form will only let me register a certain number of DSPs, including myself. What if my group is larger?
If you want to register more DSPs, wonderful! Visit the registration form as many times as needed, filling out the form with the next batch of DSPs, and avoiding repeating names (including your own).

When does registration close?
Typically, we close registration one week before the event, or when we’ve reached the capacity limit of our venue, whichever comes first.

If there’s an event t-shirt, or hat, or something else, that I can buy when I register, but I forgot to, what do I do?
Contact us! And keep in mind that the deadline for ordering those items is usually much earlier than the registration deadline – so don’t wait to register!

Check the Calendar for scheduled events.

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