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Leaders embark on their “mission” at
Leadership LAUNCHpad

We all know that a leader is not defined by title alone. Leadership is more than a position, and it’s needed at all levels of an organization – to mentor, to innovate, and to keep the organization on track and moving forward. Cultivating leadership strengthens an organization, and refines efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience.

OADSP developed Leadership LAUNCHpad (LLP) to help with those strengthening and refining processes. It’s a unique occasion, immersing each participant in a “title-free,” leadership-themed environment shared with like-minded people. Every LLP is its own universe, separate from “the outside world,” so participants are empowered to concentrate on personal development, exercise networking skills, and re-enter the day-to-day with a clearer sense of their leadership identities.

Leadership LAUNCHpad’s curriculum is designed to meet participants where they are on their respective leadership journeys – and launch them further down those paths. Discussion concepts come from a variety of sources related to general leadership principles, and to the I/DD field specifically. Typically, each LLP is nearly all-inclusive: accommodations; breakfasts, lunches, and snacks; educational materials; networking events; etc., are part of each participant package (participants are responsible for their two dinners).

Leadership LAUNCHpad is open to everyone.

And we mean everyone: DSPs, Frontline Supervisors, Program Directors, QIDDPs, Executive Directors, staff from County Boards and state departments of developmental disabilities, and other interested professionals from any field. Leadership LAUNCHpad is praised by organizational executives for helping elevate and engage employees, and for igniting positive organizational cultural shifts. Major outcomes identified for and by participants include:

  • Learning and understanding one’s own leadership perception through OADSP’s Leadership Perception Profile™ process
  • Exploring the “power skills” of leadership
  • Developing and improving conflict management resolution skills
  • Creating a professional development and accountability plan

Check the Calendar for scheduled events.

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